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Contemplative Action

"At Naropa's heart, the understanding of service is essential. It's what we talk about as 'compassionate activity.' The key for us is how to engage, but bring with it the wisdom borne of self-knowing and compassion." —Marty Janowitz, board member (and former board chair) on the occasion of Naropa's Day of Service and Learning Read More.

Environmental Leadership

During their second year, Environmental Leadership students conduct an Applied Leadership Project that demonstrates their professional skills in helping an organization become more sustainable. Students volunteer for myriad organizations, helping improve their operations in a variety of ways. Projects have included an analysis of information sharing at Bella Energy, translation for an indigenous tribal project in Thailand, and creation of an educational film about watershed protection in South Carolina, among many others. Read More.

From Nature to Nurture

In the Jack Kerouac School, students learn that writing can be a force for social change. While they experiment with their own creative expressions, they also delve deeply into literary studies. Additionally, the curriculum provides opportunities for students to learn how to teach others and to address ecological issues in their work. Adjunct Professor Jack Collom teaches Eco-Lit, as well as Project Outreach, in which undergraduate and graduate students lead creative writing sessions in community settings. Read More.

Naropa Community Art Studio International

Naropa's Art Therapy program has partnered with Transitions Global, a nonprofit organization that shelters victims of the sex trafficking trade and empowers them to reclaim their lives. According to the UN, human trafficking is a global phenomenon affecting an estimated 2.4 million people at any given time. Nearly 80 percent of the girls sheltered with Transitions Global go on to successfully resume their lives, and are not re-trafficked within their first year of independence. Read More.

Naropa in Bhutan

Naropa in Bhutan

Since 2008, Naropa University has enjoyed a strong partnership with the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB), which serves as the country's ministry of education. Naropa faculty members have designed a contemplative psychotherapy program and conducted training in mindfulness awareness practices. In spring 2012, Associate Professor Deborah Young will begin facilitating a study into what constitutes a Gross National Happiness (GNH) classroom. Read More.


Border Studies

In May, the Peace Studies program took the first Naropa students enrolled in PAX445, Border Studies: The Lower Rio Grande Border Witness Immersion, to the south Texas-Mexico border to study the diverse issues and cultures of the lower Rio Grande Valley. Gloria Nouel, PhD, assistant professor and assistant dean for program development and strategic initiatives, designed the course to fulfill students' longing for a way of linking their education at Naropa to the world's needs. Read More.