Fall 2012
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Benjamin Spencer (BA 2000) holds a bottle of Leojami Wine

Wine & Words

Benjamin Spencer (BA, 2000) doesn’t feel any need to choose between his passions. Winemaker, enological consultant, journalist, novelist—each venture fits into his commitment to leading a fulfilling life whilst contributing to the lives of others. Read More.

Robyn Bors Veraart holds a honeycomb from a beehive

Provisioning the Future (by Learning from the Past)

Robyn Bors Veraart (MA, 2000) holds social consciousness as a core value. Whether distributing garbage bags full of leftover pastries after her bakery shift, or going door to door for OSPIRG, a consumer group that stands up to powerful interests threatening public health and safety, her focus has always been on community Read More.

Candice Kearns Orlando in community garden

Feeding Our Community

Candice Kearns Orlando (BA, 2009) fell in love with Naropa when she was a senior at New Vista High. A Naropa student visited her class to teach poetry, and Candice was intrigued by her teaching style. As Naropa did not yet offer classes for first-year students, Candice set off for other ventures, but yearned for a deeper connection to self, the world, and social justice. Read More.


Gulliver's Travels

During his recent sabbatical, Robert Spellman (Associate Professor, Visual Arts) traveled to India to teach drawing to Tibetan Buddhist teacher and filmmaker Dzongsar Khyentse Norbu Rinpoche. Read More.

Hot sauce

Loving Kindness with a Side of Hot Sauce

Jesse Thompson (MA Contemplative Psychotherapy, 2003) is the epitome of a Naropa alum. He works as a clinical psychologist, a field that supports the well-being of others; while on the side he’s an entrepreneur. Thompson is the founder of Mama’s Fire Authentic Tibetan Hot Sauce, a business that he’s endlessly passionate about, which also funds Sacred Works Projects, a nonprofit that is very close to his heart. Read More.

Arron Mansika receiving an award from the Boulder County Business Report in 2009

Naturally Boulder

Arron Mansika (MA, 2004) wasn’t looking for any life changes when a friend gave him a Naropa catalog in 1997. He put the mailer in the recycle bin, only to find that his friend fished it out and placed it on his bed. Sometimes our friends know us better than we know ourselves! Read More.