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Balancing Intelligence & Intuition

The undergraduate curriculum at Naropa University aims to offer a twenty-first-century education through its unique blend of academics, various artistic and contemplative practices, and community engagement. It encourages students to take their learning beyond the facts and to engage with others and the material. Read More.

Racheli Mendelson and Myles Goldin clown around

Clown Work Can Be Serious Business

Racheli Mendelson (BFA, 2013) explores themes of re-humanizing soldiers in her new show, Shoot, Cry And Forget About it! A Military Clown Adventure. Boulder audiences had a chance to catch the show at the recent Boulder International Fringe Festival. Read More.

Enriching Our Lives

How can we manage our own finances in ways that respect our time, goals, and priorities? Taking a holistic approach to finances includes looking at an individual’s core beliefs. Check out how these Naropa alumni are creating new pathways for financial sustainability. Read More.

Will Curley, beekeeper

Growing Local—Sustainable Food Practices

Urban farming provides fresh healthy food for people in need, repurposing unused land to feed and educate the local community. This sustainable food movement is growing with every season, and Naropa alumni are contributing in all kinds of ways—from beekeeping to composting and food trucks. Read More.

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Healing as a Community

On our second day back on campus after the flood, Naropa Professors MacAndrew Jack, Michael Lythgoe, and Dean Christine Caldwell facilitated a community meeting to provide information and resources for dealing with trauma. Students, staff, and faculty gathered to share stories and begin the healing process. Read More.


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

What does it mean to be healthy? How do we feed ourselves and respect the bodies that house us? How do we apply loving kindness to self as well as other? Naropa alumni are creating communities and dialogues to help foster and further this discussion. Read More.

Learning from the Earth

Did you know that the local Colorado landscape serves as assistant professor for many of Naropa's courses? Jill Powers' 3D Ephemeral Media Course and Brigitte Mars' Herbal Medicine course each illustrate the importance of our environment as a teacher, whether you're a visual artist or a healer. Read More.

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Naropa Divests from Fossil Fuels

Maintaining a commitment to responsible investing, Naropa has joined an increasing number of environmentally conscious universities in fully divesting from companies linked to the fossil fuel industry. Read More.

Professor Anne Parker’s Class Reunion at Yosemite

As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, Environmental Studies Professor Anne Parker participated in a pioneer program mapping erosion from human use and designing and implementing the Wilderness Permit System in Yosemite National Park. This fall, in the midst of the Yosemite fire, she and her fellow students gathered for a forty-year reunion. Read More.


The Practice of Birding

Georgia Harper (MA, '12) sought out John W. Cobb, the former president of Naropa and longtime birder, to have the first (of many) conversations about birding. They shared their experiences with how they came to birding, how approaching birding in a contemplative way affects birding with others, and how contemplative observation seeps into other aspects of their lives. Read More.

Range of Light

Traversing the Range of Light

Religious Studies graduate student, Austin R. Pick, and his wife spent the summer of 2012 hiking the 220-mile John Muir Trail in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Their 24-day trek took them through an inner journey as rewarding and challenging as the outer journey. Read More.