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Bataan and Jane Faigao

Bataan and Jane Faigao Endowed Scholarship for Traditional Eastern Arts

By Lisa Birman

Naropa University is pleased to announce fundraising efforts for the Bataan and Jane Faigao Endowed Scholarship, in honor of beloved Naropa faculty Bataan and Jane Faigao. This scholarship will provide tuition support for Traditional Eastern Arts students, with a preference for T’ai-chi Ch'uan students, in perpetuity. This will be the first scholarship exclusively available to Traditional Eastern Arts majors.

Nataraja Kallio, lead faculty of the Traditional Eastern Arts program, explains, “Naropa University offers the only undergraduate degree in Traditional Eastern Arts, with concentrations in T’ai-chi Ch’uan, Aikido, and Yoga Teacher Training. This program was conceived and sustained by the artful wisdom of both Bataan and Jane Faigao, two adept practitioners of T’ai-chi Ch’uan. …We are exceptionally grateful for this gift and the recognition it will bring to both the life of Jane and Bataan and the legacy they have left behind.”

Inspired by memorial services at Naropa and the Rocky Mountain T’ai Chi Ch’uan School (established by Jane and Bataan), Linda Faigao-Hall saw the need for her brother’s work to continue. “Bataan told me once: ‘You die in the practice of your life,’ and I've never forgotten it. It is etched in my mind, and I think of those words every day. So knowing that T’ai-chi was his life, and his relationships at work, at home, and in the world were driven by the practice, it is only fitting that his life continue even when he's gone.” Linda collaborated with Jane and Bataan’s children, as well as her brother and son, to establish the terms and provide initial funding for the endowment. Tambi Harwood and Wendy Woo, Bataan and Jane’s children, grew up in the extended Naropa family. “My sister and I sold cookies at registration,” Tambi recalls. “Naropa students were a part of our lives.”

Beth Rosenfeld and Lee Fife, students of Bataan and Jane’s, and now lead instructors of Naropa’s T'ai-chi  concentration, write, “Jane and Bataan were remarkable, charismatic, and talented teachers and practitioners—many devoted teachers struggle with holding a T'ai-chi school together, but students were drawn to Jane and Bataan. … We lost Bataan and Jane too young, but thanks to the Faigao family's generosity, and especially Bataan's sister Linda's inspiration, generations of students will continue to be influenced by their teachings, and their memories will live on.”

We would like to invite you to be a founding contributor to The Bataan and Jane Faigao Endowed Scholarship for Traditional Eastern Arts. $25,000 will fully endow this scholarship. When the endowment goal is reached, one scholarship will be awarded each year for approximately $1,200.

If you would like to create an endowed scholarship in honor of someone you love, please contact Angela Madura at 303-245-4751 or

Listen to Wendy Woo’s song “One Way Ticket,” dedicated to her father, Bataan.