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Nancy Jane at conference
Nancy Jane, MA (Undergraduate Academic Advisor and Adjunct Faculty) traveled to the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine in September 2012, to participate in the International Gathering of Wilderness Guides and to facilitate a workshop entitled "Gender Reconciliation: A Healing Conversation between Men and Women." The gathering was attended by more than seventy wilderness rites of passage guides from around the world: S. Africa, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States. The intention of the international gathering is to share best practices, support personal and cultural renewal, and expand wilderness rites of passage on a global level.

Faculty & Staff Notes

Core & Ranked Faculty

During the semester break, Zoe Avstreih, MS, LPC, BC-DMT, NCC (Professor, Somatic Counseling Psychology) traveled to Israel to teach as guest faculty in the post-graduation certificate training program in Contemplative Psychotherapy in the Weisfeld School of School Work at Bar Ilan University in Tel Avi, Israel. One of her former students along with two of his colleagues started the program, the first of its kind in Israel. Authentic Movement is a core practice in this two-year postgraduate certificate training program. Zoe was also a speaker in the first public event of the program on January 1 at Bar Ilan University. The loose translation of this lecture program was "From the Hidden to the Known: Mindfulness in the Clinical Setting."

In November 2012, Jeanine M. Canty, PhD (Director, School of Natural and Social Sciences; Associate Professor, Environmental Studies) presented at the 10th International Transformative Learning Conference in San Francisco. Her presentation was entitled "Walking Between Worlds: Holding Multiple Worldviews as a Key for Ecological Transformation." In October, she co-facilitated a workshop, "Making the Invisible Visible: Race, Environment and Embodied Knowing," with adjunct faculty Ramon Parish at Colorado Bioneers (University of Colorado–Boulder) an event co-sponsored by Naropa University. As part of the One-Action-One-Boulder events in August, Jeanine Canty served on a panel around Race: Power of Illusion with Harold Fields, PhD; and Alphonse Keasley, PhD, Assistant Vice Chancellor for the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement at CU–Boulder.

John Davis, PhD (Adjunct Professor, Transpersonal Psychology) gave two presentations at the 2012 Wilderness Therapy Symposium in Boulder, "The Bare Bones of Wilderness Rites of Passage" and "Psychological Benefits of Nature: Review of Research Findings for Wilderness Therapists."

Tina Fields, PhD (Assistant Professor, Transpersonal Psychology; Director, Ecopsychology) was one of three invited contradance callers for the twelve-hour-long "Fall Has Sprung" festival, held last November in Grass Valley, CA. See her calling with famed Seattle band, KGB.

Bhanu Kapil (Assistant Professor, Jack Kerouac School) has accepted invitations this spring to the following events: Keynote panel talk/reading/workshop on trauma and narrative in Vancouver, Canada [Capilano University's Conference on Narrative]; Delta Mouth Literary Festival; Poetics of Healing symposium [curated by Eleni Stecopolous/ SFSU State] and Pratt Institute, Brooklyn [Reading and panel talk on Gender and Time]. At Pratt, Bhanu will also be visiting the architecture program as a guest speaker. In New York, she will also be performing from [for] her current project, BAN [notes for a novel never written] at the OPUS project space in Chelsea. Her work has recently appeared in two anthologies: "The Sonnets: Translating and Rewriting Shakespeare" (Nightboat Books) as well as the first anthology of conceptual writing by women, "I'll Drown This Book" (Les Figues Press.)

Profound treasury Judith L. Lief (Naropa University President, 1980–85). This spring marks the publication of The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, a groundbreaking three-volume compilation of teachings on the Tibetan Buddhist path by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, which Judy compiled and edited over a period of many years. In connection with the book launch, Judy will be participating in a "resounding" or read-a-thon, and in panel discussions in Boulder, the Rubin Museum in New York City, Harvard Divinity School, and Shambhala International in Halifax. In May, she will lead a nine-day retreat in Maine that focuses on teachings found in Volume One, The Path of Individual Liberation

Deb Piranian (Associate Professor and Concentration Coordinator for Transpersonal Counseling Psychology: Wilderness Therapy) conducted a three-hour workshop entitled "Museum, Playground, Temple, Bank: Exploring the Human-Nature Relationship Through the Lens of Ecopsychology" at the Association for Experiential Education conference in Madison, Wisconsin, in November.

Spellman artworkRobert Spellman (Associate Professor, Visual Arts, MFA Theater: Contemporary Performance & Religious Studies) currently has two solo art exhibitions; one is at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY; the other is at the Denver Botanic Gardens in Denver, Colorado. Both shows run until May. The show in Denver is called "Coleoptera and Friends" and features some of the new series of beetle paintings he started last summer.

Adjunct Faculty & Staff Lecturers

With the love and generosity of Les McAllan and the support of Carol Blackshire-Belay, Pouria Montazeri (Adjunct Faculty, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology) travelled to Houston, Texas, on behalf of Naropa University to present at the National Multicultural Summit & Conference 2013. Their poster session entitled, "Transforming Cultural Shadow through Mindfulness Practices" was a success. People were so hungry to learn about what we have to offer to the world here at the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology department. Pouria covered the educational and therapeutic aspects of the mindfulness-based foundation that Naropa offers to its students and how it helps in transforming shadows (personal, familial, cultural) into knowledge and wisdom. 

In September, Maureen Owen (Adjunct Faculty, Jack Kerouac School) presented a poem in Patricia Spears Jones' Poem-A-Day-for-A-Month online zine. In October she read her work "unbearable slow the Vortex aviates their arrival/ that's just one of the reasons filming birds is frustrating" for CA Conrad's Jupiter 88 Poetry Blogspot. Maureen has three works in The Sonnets: Translating and Rewriting Shakespeare from the "new" Telephone Books, edited by Sharmila Cohen and Paul Legault. Her poems are a rewriting of Shakespeare's Sonnet 147. Her title Edges of Water is forthcoming this year from Chax Press.

Half of What They Carried Flew Away coverThe second book of Andrea Rexilius (Summer Writing Program Manager and Staff Lecturer), Half of What They Carried Flew Away, was published in 2012 by Letter Machine Editions.


They are marginal. They move in rivulets.
They exist not only in their details.
They contain their own extraordinary destiny.
They live beside a family of small farmers.
They are discovered and decide to emigrate.
Their name is William.
They are born a little girl.

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Ted Lamb, PhD (Assistant Dean for Curriculum & Assessment) presented a paper, entitled "Justice at Home: Evaluation of a Veterans Treatment Court," at the Annual Conference Meeting of the American Sociological Association in Denver on August 18, 2012. Authors were Ted Lamb; Michelle Slattery, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; and Mallory Dugger, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

A Prototype Veteran's Trauma Court (VTC) in Colorado Springs, CO and an Accumulated Trauma Model. Presented at the American Psychological Association—Law Society Annual Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March, 2012, Michelle Slattery, Director of Evaluation, Veterans Trauma Court, Trauma Health and Hazards Center, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; Ted Lamb, Asst. Dean of Curriculum & Assessment, Naropa University; Mallory Dugger, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; Laura Williams, Colorado Department of Human Services.

When the War Comes Home: Evaluation of a Veteran's Treatment Court. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Evaluation Association, October, 2012, Minneapolis, MN USA. Michelle Slattery, Director of Evaluation, Veterans Trauma Court, Trauma Health and Hazards Center, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Ted Lamb, Asst. Dean of Curriculum & Assessment, Naropa University, Mallory Dugger, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Laura Williams, Colorado Department of Human Services.