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Greening Naropa’s Endowment

We talk a lot about sustainability at Naropa, and we see those efforts every day in our commitment to zero waste, recycling, renewable energy, alternative transport, and other environmental measures. As articulated in Naropa's Statement of Commitment to the Practice of Sustainability, the practice also extends beyond environmental measures to include issues of international human rights, economic justice, and peace. Just as important, though less visible, is Naropa's commitment to extending these practices to socially responsible investment practices. Read More.

Naropa's sixth school

Extending the Vision: Naropa’s Sixth School

The Naropa community has begun an energized process for the development of its Sixth School, with an early focus on professional leadership development, expressive arts, and community classes. One fundamental question being asked is how Naropa, through the Sixth School, can continue to extend its reach and offer its unique mission and pedagogy to the world. Read More.

Coming Soon—Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy

A Bridge between Behavioral Sciences & Visual Arts

When Michael Franklin arrived at Naropa in 1997 to direct the graduate art therapy program, he suggested offering an undergraduate art therapy program as well. For many years, conversations continued on the matter, and in 2008 visual arts professor Sue Hammond-West and contemplative psychology professor Jane Carpenter began to collaborate with Franklin on solidifying plans for the program, which finally took root and reached fruition with the support of Provost Carol Blackshire-Belay. Read More.

Thinking through invention

Thinking Through Invention

Matthew Kerns (MFA, 2013) had his choice of five graduate theatre programs, but his top pick was always Naropa’s MFA in Theater: Contemporary Performance. “The program is about inventing work and being a creator versus taking someone else’s work and recreating it,” he says. “I wanted the skill of thinking through invention, and thinking through making original work and defining my own art; not directing other people’s plays but myself creating plays or performances for the stage or the street or wherever I’m going to do it.” Read More.

Jack Kerouac School Unveils New Curriculum

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of both Naropa University and the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in 2014, the Jack Kerouac School will be implementing a new MFA Writing & Poetics curriculum approved by JKS faculty this spring. JKS faculty and staff are in the process of developing and implementing new curricula for the BA in Writing and Literature in keeping with the undergraduate curricular arc and the work with Title III, and are evaluating changes to the MFA in Creative Writing. Read More.

In First Person: Training the Helping Professionals of Bhutan

When one thinks of Bhutan, one envisions the world's "happiest people," a magical kingdom, untouched and despoiled by western materialism, or, a place "not to be missed." A Buddhist Kingdom for a millennium, Bhutan was never colonized and not opened to the outside world until 1961. When I first went to Bhutan in 1999, on a Buddhist pilgrimage with Lama Tsultrim Allione and Ganten Tulku Rinpoche, I experienced a land seemingly untouched. We spent our days on buses winding through the lush forests and small villages along the empty National Highway. Read More.

Music as Practice

Jason Levis (BA, 1999) finds musical inspiration in intersections. His work plays with the relationship between structure and spontaneity, composition and improvisation. Jason recalls, “My time at Naropa was really very fundamental to the work I am doing now. … I explored how improvisation interacted with structure, how the unknown interacts with the known. Read More.

Tiny Houses, Big Lives

Merete Mueller (BA, 2006) looks to structure and atmosphere to tell her stories. As a writer, filmmaker, editor, and multimedia project manager, she sees story as a form of communication. “Crafting a story is similar to drafting the architectural plans for a building,” she says on her website. “I must consider how people enter and exit, how the space will shape their moods and what they will take away. It is as much a creation of atmosphere as it is a labor of structural integration.” Read More.

New Minor in Film and Media Studies

New Minor in Film & Media Studies

Naropa’s School of the Arts will be launching a new minor in Film and Media Studies in the Fall of 2013. With its entry into this field of studies, Naropa intends to take its place as a frontrunner in Conscious Media. Read More.

Tools for Evolution

Kim Roberts (MA, 1994) believes that the more she trusts in the practices of psychotherapy, meditation, and yoga, the more opportunities life will present. She came to all three practices almost by chance and almost at the exact same time. On a summer jaunt to Boulder in 1990, a friend’s mother insisted they visit Naropa, where she had just completed her MA in Contemplative Psychology. Kim had no plans for school or a career in psychology, but she went along for the ride and applied to the program the following year. Read More.