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From The Archives

In the spring '14 issue, we look back at some articles from The Naropa Bulletin, the precursor to Naropa Magazine.

May 1978 // "Theater at Naropa Institute"

Lee Worley, 1978

Lee Worley is head of the Naropa Institute Theater Program. She was a founding member, actress and teacher in Joseph Chaikin's Open Theater. Following is an edited discussion held in the summer of 1977 between Ms. Worley and Robert Benedetti. Mr. Benedetti is the Dean of the School of Theater at the California Institute of the Arts, a member of the editorial board of the Performing Arts Journal, and a Naropa Institute faculty member. He will be teaching "The Flowing Scene" during Second Summer Session.

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October 1978 // "Education for an Enlightened Society"

 The following is a transcript of a public talk given by Naropa Institute's president, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, at Naropa Institute Summer Auditorium on June 16, 1978. The Title of the talk was "Education for an Enlightened Society." Read "Education for an Enlightened Society."


March 1979 // "Language and Biology" by Newcomb Greenleaf

language and biologyThe science program at Naropa Institute really began in the summer of 1978. Before this there had been only diversity—various courses in physics, mathematics, biology and computer science, taught by a faculty with various viewpoints who never came to know one another. An outstanding inspiration for continuing science at  the Institute came from Gregory Bateson, who taught courses in evolution and education in 1974 and 1975, and who first articulated the idea that science at Naropa Institute should be concerned with epistemology. Read "Language and Biology."


March 1979 //  "Celebrations in a Jazz Cellar"

Ginsberg and Lee WorleyJerry Granelli performs at the Wall Street Jazz Cellar, joined by Ginsberg, Lee Worley, Arawana Hayashi & Peter Orlovsky. Naropa Bulletin reports "The music was intense, raucous, complex, delicate, and soft. Allen's monologue poem of large-phrased humorous/paranoid outspinning, followed by playful improvisations on the phrase, 'There's a hole in my shoe,' with four-bar backup and playful exchanges by Jerry and Visions; Lee Worley reading 'There's Still a Possibility of Being Reborn' with Visions; Arawana dancing among 'clouds mulcting the light of a winter sky' and 'faces of those we love;' Peter's love song to his apple trees; Lee with a monologue by Brecht—an old, tired woman's philosophical musings on the transparency of one's good name and correct opinions." Read "Celebrations in a Jazz Cellar." 

July 1982 //  "Dharma Poetics: Bare Attention and Mindfulness Slogans"

Dharma PoeticsIt is an old tradition in the West among great poets that poetry is rarely thought of as "just poetry." Real Poetry practitioners are practitioners of mind awareness, or practitioners of Reality, expressing their fascination with the phenomenal universe and trying to penetrate to the heart of it. Poetics is not mere picturesque dilletantism or egotistic expressionism for Craven motives, grasping and craving sensation and flattery. Classical poetry has been a "process," or experiment, a "probe" into the nature of reality, and into the nature of the mind. That motif comes to a kind of climax in both subject matter and method in our own century.

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