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The Little Blue Flame

"This particular continent is in search of something. There's enormous energy of course, fantastic energy, but something doesn't click, as if we missed the pilot light while the stove is burning. However, it is time to do something about it."

—Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, at the opening of Naropa's first summer session

The little blue flame ignites wisdom, humor & authenticity. It asks you, Naropa community members, to respond to specific topics in a genuine way in whatever form you desire. Together, we will create a living narrative of Naropa.

How did Naropa find you?

Rivvy NeshamaI knew about Naropa even before I moved to Boulder. But I didn't know Naropa until I took my 80-something mother to hear Allen Ginsberg read (sing?) his poems ... and years later took a very ill friend to be uplifted as we chanted with Krishna Das ... and later still attended a workshop on Huichol Indian wisdom, led by Brant Secunda, a shaman. Brant was downhome, funny, and grew up in New Jersey. My kind of shaman. And the teachings he passed on, along with the rituals and dances we did, made me now see Naropa as a blessed, sacred place. I integrated those rituals into my life, and my experience of that workshop became one story, "Heart Like a Crystal," in my recently published book, "Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles." Surely, one of the miracles of Boulder is Naropa!
Rivvy Neshama





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