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Brooke Graczyk cover art


This issue's cover artist is Brooke Graczyk. Brooke is a graphic designer and illustrator, with more than eight years of experience, based in Denver, Colorado. By day, she works as the sole graphic designer for Naropa University. By night, she does some drawing, more graphics, and web design all whilst listening to jam bands and watching her stories (multi-tasker!). See her website at

When did you know you were going to be a designer?

I had always been into art of any kind. It's just fun. Projecting what's in your mind onto paper–all the different pigments and goos to play with. But, I remember in 4th grade creating a program for church in ClarisDraw Paint. My mom came in and said, "Wow, nice job." Then walked out and I heard her say to my step-dad, very excitedly, "Did you see the [stuff] she's doing in there?" Except, she didn't say "stuff." It was very impactful for me to hear her high praise in such a new way. I had never heard my mom curse, and didn't again for another seven or eight years (and haven't since). It was also in response to my winning an art scholarship.

pantone color, process blue uWhat is your favorite Pantone color?

Process Blue U—It's fun to say (seriously, try and say it out loud without smiling), but I'm also told that it's my aura color. AND it's Cubby blue, which is also very important to me. 

What is your idea of happiness?

Contentment. I spent a lot of my life not understanding the word. Even today, I'll hear it misused as a term to describe a form of "settling" or "dealing" with a mundane, boring life. It actually means a state of happiness and satisfaction; ease of mind. Which is far more powerful to me than a moment of happiness or excitement.