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University News

Celebration & Ceremony

Celebration & Ceremony

In 1984, when Barbara Dilley sought guidance from Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who had recently appointed her The Naropa Institute’s next leader, he reminded her, “invite celebration and ceremony into your world.” These “two ‘c’s,” as Dilley calls them, have remained an invigorating element of Naropa, even now, as we embark on our fortieth year. Read More.

Happiness is the Way

For most of the world, there is little question about how to measure a nation’s development—gross domestic product (GDP) remains the long-established norm. The Kingdom of Bhutan, however, has something a little different in mind. Witnessing a world characterized by seemingly unlimited economic growth, yet no change, perhaps even slight decreases, in life satisfaction, policymakers in Bhutan have devised a more holistic measure of development—gross national happiness (GNH). Read More.

Amishi Jha

Neuroscience & Mindfulness

The mind, when at rest from a given task, turns automatically to concerns of oneself, asserts Naropa’s inaugural Varela Lecturer, University of Miami brain researcher Amishi Jha, PhD, summarizing recent findings in her research lab. Jha differentiates this default mind wandering from “daydreaming,” which typically occurs intentionally and with more creativity, constructiveness, and positivity. Read More.