Naropa Magazine Fall 2017 masthead

In this issue, we focus on the versatility of and urgent need for contemplative education in today’s challenging political, environmental, and social justice landscape. In training future leaders to draw on mindfulness, compassion, and skillful action, Naropa is answering the call to create a better and more just world. A number of articles showcase the inspiring contributions our alumni are making—locally, nationally, and internationally. We feature creative works by alumni Elizabeth Comport and Swanee Astrid, and student Naomi Brodner; an interview with graduate and frequent guest faculty Laird Hunt; excerpts of recent publications by faculty members Jeanine Canty, Gaylon Ferguson, Karen Kissel Wegela, and Erika Berland; and an excerpt of Fania Davis’s 2017 Bayard and John Cobb Peace Lecture. As with many classes and meetings at Naropa, we end with a bow, here, in memory of our dear friend and teacher Jack Collom.