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Amelia Hall
Photo by David DeVine.

Assistant Professor Amelia Hall

What was your journey to Naropa?


Who are the gurus in your life, real or fictional?

There are a few remarkable dharma teachers in my life, and they all know they are not real.

How do you know where you are in a space?

It depends.

Favorite way to make yourself uncomfortable?

Reading or listening to views which challenge my ingrained assumptions.

What kind of environment do you like to teach in?

Honestly, the Naropa environment, there is old magic weaved into this place.

Everything that is not is. True or false?

As soon as you think, that’s it! That’s not it.

What is your favorite quote about teaching?

See above.

Do you have a personal mantra?/What is it?

Is ait an mac an saol.