Naropa University 2017 Summer Writing Program

By The New Weathers, we intend to name the ramifications of climate change wrought in the Anthropocene. The luminous details evidencing these changes abound, and daily the case of inevitably grows. These are urgent days, and a new world is possible––and this world is yet worth struggling for. To face facts with creative and spirited resolve; to see through webs of ignorance and power; to witness and study, and bring a new enlivening energy to being writer and citizen; to work collaboratively; to break open categories of resistance, and creation; to write, and think rhizomatically; to keep your weather eye open, and sing out every time–––these are just some of the modes and tactics we imagine The New Weathers will require. As our beloved friend and co-founder of the Kerouac School, Allen Ginsberg says: “Well, while I’m here I’ll / do the work–– / and what’s the Work? / To ease the pain of living. Everything else, drunken / dumbshow.”

By the title-theme, we also intend the metaphorical valences––both intimate and systematic––of The New Weathers: for who themselves hasn’t felt mood as a storm, or brilliant exuberant day; or the turning of political events as a cold front advancing, the forces of Reaction here now, and the signs indicating that they will last for some time. And how to shelter through them, and to beat them back. How also to turn writing to a technology for sounding out both affective being, and the complexities of the political––how to write (collectively) now. As a start to these questions (and myriad others) we invoke the necessary and alchemical possibilities of coming together in community, and we invite writers, and students, and thinkers, and performers to continue the lines of critical voicing, creative work, and spiritual sensibility that have defined the the Summer Writing Program, and the Jack Kerouac School since 1974.

Summer Writing Program Staff:
Allen Ginsberg (1926–1997); Beloved Spirit, Co-Founder
Anne Waldman; Artistic Director, Co-Founder
Jeffrey Pethybridge, Managing Director
Mairead Case, Coordinator

Design: Monika Edgar
Central Image: Janet Waring, "Continent of Unfolding Horizons"