Naropa University 2018 Summer Writing Program


Who can attend the Summer Writing Program?

Students can take the SWP for graduate or undergraduate credit. SWP is also open to anyone over the age of eighteen for noncredit.

Can participants under eighteen attend the SWP?

Students under eighteen are often welcome to take the program, and benefit greatly from curriculum; however, since the program is designed for adults and there are a several stipulations. Students under the age of 18 need to submit a letter of consent from a parent or guardian.  Additionally, an interview or writing sample or a letter of recommendation from a writing mentor may be requested as part of the registration process. During the program SWP staff conduct weekly check-ins with minor students to facilitate the best possible experience. Please contact the SWP office for additional information:

When can I register?

Public registration will open March 1, 2018. Participants may enroll in the program until Friday at 3:30 p.m. of the previous week before the course.

How much is Summer Writing Program Tuition?

The price of the course depends if you are taking it for credit or noncredit. For 2018, each week for noncredit students is $500. For-credit pricing is $995 per credit with 2 credits per week.

2018 Tuition Rates

    • Noncredit = $500 per week
    • For credit = $995 per credit hour
    • $1,990 per week for credit (2 x $995)

Is housing available?

Weekly housing is available for SWP students at Snow Lion. Housing is available for one, two, or all three weeks of SWP. These spaces are fully furnished, including linens and kitchen equipment. There are a variety of grocery stores and restaurants nearby, and there is a campus coffeeshop serving pastries, drinks, and lunchtime fare (vegan and gluten-free options included).

Reservations are made by completing the Summer Writing Program Snow Lion Reservation form.

Summer Housing Rates 2017:

  • $350 per week (shared room)
  • $525 per week (private room)
  • $700 per week (private apartment)

What is a week of SWP like?

Each week of SWP begins with Monday's 9a class. Classroom rosters and locations are posted on the central blackboard earlier that morning. Classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings until noon. (On Wednesday mornings we have Dharma Arts classes in one large group.) There is a lunch break, and then the afternoon features a panel, a demonstration, and/or a lecture. There is a dinner break, and then the evening features a student, staff, or faculty reading beginning at 7:30. There is an evening reading on Saturdays as well. In general there is no programming on Sundays.

Please note that Naropa does not have a cafeteria, however our café serves pastries, drinks, and lunchtime fare (vegan and gluten-free options included) in the mornings and at lunchtime There are a variety of grocery stores and restaurants nearby, and folks often cook meals together too.

If you are a for-credit student: your schedule is exactly the same, with the addition of one class once-a-week (Monday afternoons for MFA students, Wednesday mornings for BFA students), which will include extensive readings and a final project, as well as ongoing transcript assistance from the Naropa office.  

Can I meet / work with a certain faculty member?

Class registration is first-come, first-served, and we establish waiting lists for classes that fill up right away. It is rare for a person not to attend their first or second choice. There are also faculty conferences once a week. To schedule one of these spots, you will write your name on a list and submit hard copies of your work for the faculty member to read in advance. Students are encouraged to meet with someone other than their teacher for the week, and, if the list is already full, to feel comfortable asking a faculty member to meet at another convenient time.

Is there financial aid?

Yes! There are a number of scholarships for both credit and noncredit students. Applications are due April 6, 2018. Please visit our financial aid page for more information, and/or email Swanee with questions. She can also help with other logistical questions including how to get around Boulder.