Naropa University 2018 Summer Writing Program

How to Register


Registration for SWP 2018 is live. There are two steps to registering for the Summer Writing Program: registering for the weeks you will be attending, then signing up for the workshops that will take place during those weeks. This is done in different ways depending on your classification as a for credit or noncredit student. 

Naropa Degree-Seeking Students

Naropa MFA Writing students register for the Summer Writing Program workshops on MyNaropa. All students are highly encouraged to consult with their academic advisor to determine the pacing of their degree. Jack Kerouac School degree-seeking students may begin their Naropa degree program in the summer but will need to transfer these credits into their degree program, alternatively they may take the summer as noncredit or non-degree-seeking credit students. 

Undergraduate and non-JKS graduate students already enrolled at Naropa who want to take the summer for academic credit need to meet with their academic advisor before they will be able to register online.

Non-Naropa for Credit Students

Non-Naropa students may also take the SWP for academic credit. Naropa University is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Contact the Summer Writing Program Office for more information on becoming a non-degree-seeking credit student. Keep in mind that SWP weeks taken for undergraduate credit cannot be later converted to graduate credit and vice versa, and applicants for graduate credit must have a Bachelors degree. Students should consider carefully whether they need graduate or undergraduate credit. Students seeking credit should first meet with their academic advisor in their home institution.

Noncredit Students

Noncredit students can take the SWP for any combination of the first, second, and/or third weeks. SWP weeks taken for noncredit cannot be converted to credit at a later date. Please consider carefully if you anticipate you may need credit in the future.  

Once the student hits submit, they will be directed to a website thanking them for their registration and indicating that they will be receive confirmation of registration, as well as login information for MyNaropa within three business days. 

Add/Drop Policy

All students may switch workshops on Mondays before 3:30 p.m.

All students have until Thursday at 5:00 p.m. of the previous week to drop SWP without financial penalty, and must do so online or contact the registration administrator at 303-546-3511 or If a student chooses to withdraw from SWP AFTER this time, the student will be financially responsible for the entire week and will have a withdrawal listed on their transcripts. Students who drop on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday will fail the course. Students must drop online via MyNaropa or contact the registration administrator at 303-546-3511 or If a student does not complete the necessary paperwork, s/he will be held both financially and academically responsible for the entire week. In the event of a medical emergency, Naropa students must contact their academic advisor by the deadline.

GENERAL QUESTIONS or concerns can be addressed to Swanee ( at any time.